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July 29, 2021 - BY Admin

Interview question for web development

Appearing for an interview may be intimated and if you are unprepared too may be devastated and lose confidence in front of the interviewer. This article will provide some frequently asked interview questions & answer for web developers to succeed in the interviews you need better knowledge of web page coding and design.


1.What is HTML?


Html stands for hypertext markup language

Html use to display/describe the structure of a webpage.

2.what is DOCTYPE in HTML?

Ans:  It is a declaration that defines this script as an HTML5 script.

3.Define the list types in HTML?

Ans: The list types in HTML are as below

4. What Are HTML attributes?

Order list: The order list uses <ol> tag and displays elements in a numbered format

Unorder list: The unorder list uses <ul> tag and displays elements in a bulleted format

Definition list: The detonation list uses <dl>,<dt>,<dd> tags and displays elements in definition form like in a dictionary.

Ans: Attributes are the properties that can be added to the HTML tag that change the way the tag behaves or is displayed.

5.What is a marquee in HTML?

Ans: It scrolls the image or text up, down, left, right automatically.

6.How do we insert a comment in HTML?

Ans: We can insert a comment in HTML start with a ‘< ‘sign and end with a ‘>’ sign.

Ex: <! —hello–>

Ans: The anchor tag <a> to create a hyperlink in HTML that links between one page to another page.

8.Define image mapping in HTML?

Ans: the image map can be used for defining shapes in the image that are made part of the image mapping process.

9. What are the different types of heading in HTML?

Ans:There are six types of heading tag. It is upto <h1> to <h6>.

10.How do you insert an image in the HTML webpage?

Ans: we insert an image in html webpage by using bellow code :



<body><h2>html image><h2>

<img src=” img.jpeg”/>



Ans: we use anchor tag <a> to create a hyperlink in HTML that links one page to another page. The hyperlink can be added to the image.

13. What is semantic HTML?

Ans: It is the use of HTML markup to reinforce the semantic or meaning of the content.

14.What is SVG in HTML?

Ans:HTML SVG is used to define the vector or raster graphics .svg images & their behaviour are defined in an XML text file.

15.Different types of loops in JavaScript?

For: loops touch a code for x number times in a repetition

For..in loops through an object for properties

While: goes through inner code, a specified condition is true

Do…While: goes through the inner code while a condition is true

16. What’s the difference between Canvas and SVG?

Canvas      SVG

Single HTML element. (Inspect the element in the Developer Tool. You can see only the canvas tag)         Multiple graphic elements, which become part of the DOM

Resolution dependent         Resolution independent

Work well for small-scale rendering applications          Performs better for large-scale rendering applications

17.Which are the new APIs provided by HTML5?

Ans: The new APIs are 

Media API

Text track API

Application cache API

Data transfer API

User interaction API

Command API

Constraint validation API

History API

18. What is Scope in JavaScript? Name the different types of Scopes?

Ans: The scope defines the accessibility of the functions and variables in an application. There are two types of scopes: local and global.

19.What is the difference between local storage and session storage objects?

Ans :

Local storage   Session storage
No expiry is there for stored data.     The object is valid for only a single session.
Data is not deleted upon the closure of the window.The object is immediately deleted upon closing the window.

20.What is the types of CSS used presently?

Ans: There are mainly 3 types of CSS present :

Inline CSS: it supports the addition of CSS inline, alongside HTML elements

External CSS: it used to import an external CSS file to the HTML document

Embedded CSS: it used to add CSS style by making use of the <style> attribute

21.What is the use of a selector in CSS?


It is used with the rule in the inline element, which requires styling.

It is used to find and Select HTML elements based on factors like name, ID, attribute…

22.What is the use of pseudo-classes in CSS?

Ans: pseudo-class are used as a popular technique in CSS to change the style of an element which this element changes its state.

23.What is the use of media queries in CSS?

Ans: It is used to define styles in CSS, which are responsive based on a variety of shapes and sizes of the viewing window.

  • Height
  • Wight
  • Viewport
  • Resolution

24.What are the various data types present in javascript?

Ans: The various data types that are present in javascript are:

  • Boolean
  • Number
  • Object
  • Undefined
  • Null
  • String
  • Function

25.  What are the methods used to provide effects in jQuery?

Ans: There are the methods used to provide effects in jQuery:

  • queue () – shows the queued functions on the selected elements
  • show () – displays the selected elements
  • hide () – hides the matched or selected elements
  • delay () – sets a delay for all queued functions on the selected elements
  • animate () – runs a custom animation on the selected elements
  • fade In () – fades in the selected elements
  • fadeout () – fades out the selected elements
  • toggle () – toggles between the hide () and shows() methods
  • stop () – stops the currently running animation for the selected elements

26.How can you prioritise SEO, maintainability, performance and security in a web application?

Ans :

  • These are the common questions asked in web development interviews.
  • It is a large firm where security will get higher priority over Search Engine Optimization.
  • It is a publication firm gets the performance.

27. List out the new APIs provided by HTML 5 standard?

Ans: TML 5 comes with several new APIs

  • Media API
  • Text track API
  • Application Cache API
  • Data transfer API
  • User Interaction

28.   What is Scope in JavaScript? Name the different types of Scopes?


  • The scope defines the accessibility of the functions and variables in an application.
  • There are 2 types of scopes are local and global.

29. What is the default border size of a Canvas?

Ans :

  • There is no default border size of a Canvas.
  • You can adjust using CSS.

30. What is the difference between null value and undefined value?

Ans :

  • Undefined means a variable has been declared which has not yet been assigned a value.
  • null is an assignment value.