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The best way to make a lasting impression on your target audience and potential customers is to present them with a professional business card. Business card design is a crucial part of any company's sales and marketing campaign and is the best way to make genuine business connections. Therefore, it is important to opt for custom business card designs, which include all your essential business information. However, doing this in-house will only add to your overhead costs and in most cases, you might not even be able to get the type of business cards that serve the purpose.

The best way to overcome this problem is to outsource business card design services to a reliable service provider. Flatworld Solutions is a client-centric organization engaged in providing quality business card design services to global clients. Our business card design services help you to control your brand consistency by providing you with the option of customizing your business card templates. Besides, whether you have a few employees or thousands, we are equipped to successfully cover businesses of every size.

Services We Offer

Custom business card design services at Flatworld aim to help you to take your business to an all new level. Be it your co-workers, partners, or clients, we can help you in making a lasting impression on all of them. Our team of highly experienced designers efficiently works to come up with the most innovative business card designs that precisely cater to your business needs. We are also equipped to provide you with several design templates to choose from.

Some of the major types of business card designs we offer include, but are not limited to -

  1. Standard Business Cards

    Even a simple business card should be printed and tailored to perfection to make an impression. Standard business cards are one of the most important things that companies print and with us there is no limit to what a standard business card can be. Right from the design, shape, size, color and feel, we can help you with all the different variables to create business cards that stand out from the rest.

  2. Embossed and Glossy Business Cards

    Although exchanging business card is nothing new, it is the symbol of entering into a new business arrangement. When you present your card to someone, the quality and feel that an embossed business card can make will instantly grab their interest. Next, if you want your card to dazzle, then glossy business cards may be the option for you. After all, who would not love the flair of a glossy business card?

  3. Premium Business Cards

    If you are into the business of selling premium products and services, then premium business cards can be the best choice for you. These cards help you in creating a professional impression on your potential clients, while providing all the necessary information of your business, such as website information, contact information, etc.

  4. Wild-format Business Cards

    We create contemporary and innovative wild-format business cards that provide a conducive, eye-catchy experience for your prospects. These include designs that intend to focus on individuals or sole proprietors. Besides, these cards can also be designed in foldable formats, which can be converted to brochures.

  5. Gadget Business Cards

    Although it is not easy to create gadget business cards, these cards are sure to make an impression when you hand it out. Gadget business cards are the ones, which can be transformed into an article that instantly grabs the attention. For instance, if you own a piano repair business, then your business card can be transformed into the shape of a piano.

  6. Typographic Business Cards

    Almost all the business cards are typographic. However, there are some cards that creatively use typography to impress the person who receives it. Apart from providing the basic information, these cards can be used to uphold the ideology and principles upon which your business is built. Our typographic cards will transfigure your complete business philosophy into small pieces of sophisticated business cards.

  7. Business Cards for Social Networkers

    The business card of social networkers represents their communicating habits. For this reason, at Flatworld Solutions, instead of mentioning about the traditional contact ways, we help online geeks to include the URLs of their Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. on their business cards. Keeping fine yet minimalistic information is the best way to design these cards. We also design matte business cards and appointment cards, based on your requirements.