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Mitigater leads the industry in web application penetration testing, identifying vulnerabilities in a range of programming languages and environments.

  1. From webapps in highly scalable AWS environments to legacy apps in traditional infrastructure, out security experts have helped secure data across the world.With dozens of zero-day vulnerabilities disclosed and our research circulating on national news outlets, we consistently prove our commitment to top-notch security testing.

    Knowing your vulnerabilities and how attackers might exploit them provides tremendous insight that you can use to improve your security posture. Mitigater’s Pentest as a Service (PaaS) Platform transforms yesterday’s broken pentest model into a data-driven vulnerability management engine that was designed to make the third party penetration testing process easier. Fueled by our global talent pool of certified freelancers, our modern SaaS pentest platform delivers real-time actionable results that empowers agile teams to pinpoint, track, and remediate software vulnerabilities rather than providing a point-in-time snapshot like traditional penetration testing services.

    What can you expect?

      1. Detailed description and proof of concept for each finding
      2. Actionable remediation plan and real-time feedback
      3. Risk severity mappings and insight into the level of effort needed to remediate the findings
      4. Positive findings that call out what security controls you have that are effective
      5. Descriptions, screenshots, and suggested fixes for vulnerabilities

      What to fix and how to get it fixed

      Fixing vulnerabilities is an important part of reducing an application’s overall risk, but most important is fixing them so the application’s users and data can remain well-protected.

      To help prioritize vulnerability fixes, Cobalt provides a criticality rating based on impact and business context such as the damage potential, reproducibility, exploitability, number of affected users, and discoverability of each finding. In addition, Core pentesters provide detailed notes on recommended fixes, and if you have a question at any point you can easily communicate with them in real time